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Hello, I am a college-aged human being of the female sex. I have two eyes, a mind with which to view the world, and a voice to assert my person.

This page is a compilation of musings and is ultimately an expression of the self. In this case, myself.

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  1. punnylittlepiggy:

    You would all make sweet love to the Rock don’t lie to me

    • Me: I can't wait for you to get farther in the series, Nynaeve is a berserker healer
    • Boyfriend: What does that even mean? Does she go around healing people in a rage?
    • Me: Actually, rage-healing is exactly what Nynaeve does
    • Benvolio: In love?
    • Romeo: Out.
    • Benvolio: Of love?
    • Romeo: Out of her favor where I am in love.
    • Benvolio: *looks into the camera like he's on The Office*

  2. High Resolution

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  3. detectivejane:


    Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who reads ancient scrolls written in a forbidden tongue and summons nightmarish beings from beyond the mortal plane.


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  6. gabbyneiers:

    usagi knows what’s up

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  7. spidyrman said: How does Lan's butt feel like on your back?


    Heavier than a mountain

  8. geopunk:

    when u walk into a room and forget what ur doin image

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